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Save Load Mirror skinClusters weights 0.0.1 for Maya (maya plugin)

This is an API realization of the skinning functions. Save/Load/Mirror weigths of any mesh

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  • 2009

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Last Modified:08/16/2010
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maya, skinCluster

An API Realization of the skinning tools.

Here is a plugin for Maya 2009 (mll) and sources for Visual Studio (you can recompile the plugin for Maya 2011 or ask me to do it)

1. Load the plugin.
2. Two commands are now available ( saveWeights and loadWeight s)
saveWeights skinCluster "fileName" ;
loadWeights skinCluster "fileName" mirror? ; 
skinCluster - skinCluster's name (skinCluster1, skinCluster2, etc)
fileName - name of a file to save weight or for loading weights
mirror? - if this parameter is set to 1 then weights will be loaded and mirrored according to X axis. Otherwise the weights will be loaded only.

saveWeights skinCluster1 "c:/weights.txt"; - save weights for skinCluster1 to c:/weights.txt

loadWeights skinCluster2 "c:/weights.txt"; - load the saved weights to skinCluster2.

loadWeights skinCluster1 "c:/weights.txt" 1; - load the saved weights to skinCluster1 and mirror them.

If you have questions post in the forum.

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