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Temple of Portunus 3D Model

High poly 3D model Temple of Portunus.


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Detail Levelhigh


Last Modified:01/22/2012
Total Size of Files: 85.2 MB

This small temple on the banks of the Tiber was dedicated to the Roman god of rivers and seaports, Portunus. Originally this deity protected doors ("portus") but when the meaning of the word changed to harbor, his guardian function also changed. It was built of tufa and travertine blocks which had been originally been coated with a fine layer of stucco. It is in a good state of preservation because it was converted to a Christian church in the 9th century.

The style represents a merging of both Etruscan and Greek temple styles. Like Greek temples, it has a porch (pronaos) with free-standing columns but has only slender engaged Ionic columns on the sides and back since the cella wall is moved toward the outside--a type called the "pseudoperipteral".

Surface Type Polygon
Texture No
Animation No

Verts - 575322
Edges - 1120500
Faces - 547076
Tris - 1151264
UVs - 736998

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