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Space City in a Crater 3D Model

3D model of a sci-fi space city in a crater modelled in Blender v2.74.


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  • 3D Studio (.3ds)
  • OBJ (.obj)
  • Blender (.blend) - v2.74


Includes Normal MapYes
Detail Levelmedium
Avg. Textures Res.2k


Last Modified:11/08/2015
Total Size of Files: 248 MB
3D model of a sci-fi space city in a crater modelled in Blender v2.74.
The model is completed of materials and textures.
You can find the UV Layout in the ZIP - see folder 'UV Layout'.


The scene shows a extraterrestrial little city in the crater of a dusty planet.
At the center of that city, a traffic light flies on the crossing. The four roads go out from crater, passig through tunnels.
It is possible to think that more cities can be connected by street in this way.
Little houses are built on the surface (the little violet globes on the surface).
In the city there is only one skyscraper. Front of it, there is a fenced parking. If you pay attention to the position of the white signs on the floor, it is possible to understand that the vehicles of this civilization can fly.
On top of the parking, there is a kind of counter flying screen that show the number of free and occupied places. The language is not comprehensible.
Some part of the energy used in the city comes from a thermal power station. It takes advantage of the subsoil heat of the planet.
The light is provided by four big spotlights on the four top sides of the crater.

Objects in the scene:
- the crater surface;
- the sci-fi traffic light;
- a skyscraper;
- the parking and the parking-screen;
- the thermal power station;
- four spotlights;

About the format coversion to 3DS, knowing the limitation of 8 characters for the texture names, some textures have been renamed (see the name on the right between brackets).

List of textures:
- Grill.jpg - 2048x2048 px
- GrillB.jpg - 2048x2048 px
- parking.jpg - 2048x2048 px
- parkscreen.jpg [for 3DS: parkscr.jpg] - 2048x2048 px
- power.jpg - 4096x4096 px
- skyscraper1.jpg [for 3DS: skyscr1.jpg] - 2048x2048 px
- skyscraper1N.jpg [for 3DS: skyscr1N.jpg] - 2048x2048 px
- spotlight.jpg [for 3DS: spotl.jpg] - 2048x2048 px
- spotlightN.jpg [for 3DS: spotlN.jpg] - 2048x2048 px
- stairs1.jpg - 2048x2048 px
- Surface.jpg - 4096x4096 px
- SurfaceB.jpg - 4096x4096 px
- TFLight.jpg - 2048x2048 px
- TFLightB.jpg - 2048x2048 px

For the 3DS format, due to the big number of polygons of this project, the objects of scene are been separated in more files.
You can find all of them in the respective archive.


The motor flame and steam are made by physical effect and particle.
The domain objects and emitters are available only in the Blender format. In order to get the effect, you need to bake all dynamics.

The model is available in the following formats:
- Blender format .BLEND;
- 3DS format (.3ds);
- Wavefront OBJ (+ MTL file for materials);

The scene is rendered with Blender.

Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? please Contact Support to verify we can provide the format you need.