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T-rex rig 1.0.0 for 3dsmax

character studio t-rex for animators

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  • 8.x, 2008, 9.x


Last Modified:06/12/2008
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T-rex v.1 by Jean-Philippe Toutant

*****************************for animation*****************************************
The best way to animate this is without the skin and springs interfering,
animate the character studio bones first, using just the t-rex figure,
everything is lined up pretty well with the bones only. you can trust them for an
accurate foot planting and general representation of the volumes.
then load the final animation on the skinned biped. the springs will simulate the
bouncy belly.

the rest of the bones are max objects, that control face features.
-eyes have no look-at. 
-there are brows manipulators, but they rly suck..

i really wish to see any work or practice where my model could be!
id be thrilled
im enthousiast for any help or anything , requests, comments are welcome.
heres all my contacts.

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