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OpenGL 1.3 version fix 1.1.0

fix for OpenGL issues in XSI 2.0.2

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Last Modified:04/05/2002
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**NOTE** Softimage has now released XSI 2.0.2 which includes a fix for the OpenGL 1.3 problems. Therefore, users should upgrade to this version and remove this fix as it is no longer needed.

**WARNING** Some users are reporting that this tool interferes with the flipbook in XSI. If you experience this problem you can either move flip.exe to a different location in your path or don't use the fix below.

XSI (up to version 2.0.1) does not correctly recognize OpenGL 1.3 drivers which results in slower texture performance and some stitching artifacts when wireframes are drawn on shaded objects. As far as I know NVidia is the only one shipping 1.3 drivers.

If you experience these display glitches, one solution is to downgrade your drivers to a version certified by Softimage. Another solution is to copy this DLL to the same directory as xsi.exe.

See README file for more details and the update description.

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