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3D Thumbnail Generator (batch script) 0.3.1 for Maya (maya script)

This tool allows you generate thumbnails for hundreds or thousands of models in just a few clicks.

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Last Modified:10/05/2014
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- 3DThumbnail Generator (batch script) -

The purpose of this script is to allow you to generate any number of thumbnails from a folder of 3d files or assets in maya.

You might need this if you generally work with large amounts of files and typically find yourself opening several of them just to see what they look like! 

1. Open either script file in notepad, select all / copy.
2. Paste in python tab of script editor in Maya.
3. Select all (in python tab of script editor).
4. Middle mouse drag to shelf for quicker access.
- There are no external dependancies!

- This script works with .ma, .mb, .fbx, and .obj. If you need any other formats supported please message or leave a feature request with the type.
- If maya requires a plugin to be loaded to export, save, or open a file type (I'm looking at you, obj) then make sure they are loaded or this script will encounter errors.

1) Select source 3d files folder, as well as destination thumbnail folder. Set any other settings as needed and click the green button.

1. “Source Directory:”
- Browse to the folder where your 3d files are located.

2.“Thumb Directory:"

- Browse to the folder where you want your thumbnails sent to.

4. “Add to Ignore List”
- Add's the extension in the blank to the left of it, to the ignore list on the far left.

5. “Remove from Ignore list”
- Removes selected items from ignore list.

6. “Cutoff Limit”
- The script will absolutely stop no matter what after it processes this many thumbnails.

7. “Thumbnail Resolution”
- Set your X and Y  resolution for the thumbnail. Note, this is limited by the size your viewport can be as it uses the playblast command to capture the screenshot.

8. “Image Type”
- Choose between png and jpg.

9. “Process Thumbnails...”
- Start the generation of thumbnails.

---Additional Notes:
-  You can modify the default settings very easily by opening the code in notepad and studying the first few lines. There you will see text you can change with different paths and such.

Thanks! and if you find this useful please consider leaving a review.

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