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Edge to Circle 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Convert an edge selection to a circular shape

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Last Modified:07/26/2017
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Maya 2018 now comes with its own circularize tool. This new tool does most of what Edge to Circle does, including keeping the curvature of cylinder like objects, with the one exeption of not being able to create semi circles.
Edge to Circle will still be available here if you cannot use 2018 but still need a circle tool. As for the semi circle feature, Edge to Circle still has that advantage but I plan on making something simple that will use the new built-in tool to make semi circle and release that on here for free very soon.
This script will allow you to easily convert edges into a circular shape.
Face and vertice selections will also work, making the bordering edges circular.

The script does not rely on an axis and will work regardless of rotations.

The user can choose whether to maintain the curvature of an object or force the circle to be flat. For example, selecting faces on a cylinder and using the script will make the edges circular while keeping the propper shape of the cylinder, or you can choose to have the circle come out flat as if it was converted from a plane.
Drag and drop the script into an empty python (not mel) tab in the Maya script edditor and hit execute to run the script. Middle click and drag the entire highlighted script to your shelf to create a shortcut.
Version 2 update:
Now has an optional UI which includes the new features:
Semi circles
First make a selection for a full circle and press the "<<" button to load the selection. After the full circle is loaded, select the parts of the circle that you want affected and press the "Convert to Circle" button. Your selection does not have to be in one piece so long as what was loaded into the full circle would be able to be used to make a circle on its own.
Ignore axis
This will make a circle while leaving one axis alone. This is useful in the case that you want to make an edge loop circular that has points translated on an axis that you need to keep. Unlike the regular circle making, using this will require the selection to be lined up with the X, Y or Z axis to work properly. Keep curvature has no effect when ignore axcis is being used.
Rotation offset and circle edge flip options
Very rarely the circle may be rotated or flipped over. On a flat circle it is easy to rotate back into place but if you were using keep curvature and run into these problems you will can use these options to fix it instead.

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