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Mo Image Plane Manager PRO 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Struggling with image planes? Simple, yet powerful UI to import, move and mange imageplanes in your Maya scene.

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  • 2022

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:01/26/2023
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Struggling with image planes? This script provides you with a simple yet powerful UI to import, move and manage imageplanes in your scene.

- create, select, and delete imageplanes with the click of a button
- select associated camera and look through
- auto detect .mov and image sequences
- move and scale with sliders
- adjusting opacity, brightness with sliders

- free move and scale manipulator in relation to camera space
- retargeting between different cameras in the scene

a) Copy the file ( to your Maya scripts directory.
On Windows that is Documents/maya/20xx/scripts/

Copy the icon (imgplaneManger_icon) to your Maya icons directory.
On Windows that is Documents/maya/20xx/prefs/icons/

b) Open Maya. In the Script Editor (Python), past the following code:

import mo_imageplaneManager as mo_imageplaneManager

c) Hit execute (or Ctrl Enter)

1. Import new image plane. Click on 'Import New' and browse to the file
2. Click 'Select' to select and 'Look through' the camera
3. Click 'Create Manipulator' to align imageplane as needed. Adjust Opacity and Brightness Sliders as needed
4. Make further adjustments by clicking 'Select' to show the Image Plane in the Attribute Editor.
5. Use Retarget Tool to retarget image plane between cameras in your scene

Future Improvements/Optimzations:
- set camera to persp as default when importing
- on import/delete, change create command to createEdit UI, not redraw whole interface,
- align image plane to left/right
- audio import
// Questions/suggestions/comments/issues?

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