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PathFinder Home Edition 1.1.3 for Maya (maya script)

Pathfinder gives you the power to retarget an animation into a path, with no feet sliding!

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Last Modified:06/27/2019
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retarget, maya, animation

* Notice! The developer of this tool will come back from holidays in November 20. Support during the next 2 weeks will be limited.
Pathfinder Home Edition is an Autodesk Maya tool that allows animators to retarget their animation into a path.
Lightwave and easy to set up., this tool is much more powerful than the inbuilt Maya's Motion Path tool. Pathfinder delivers a final result with no foot sliding and preserving it as intact as possible. 
Key features:
1. No foot sliding.
2. Easy to setup.
3. Easy to delete at any point without damaging the animation.
4. Easy to bake into a different layer.
5. Results are in real time.
1. The Linear path seems broken after deleting an existing path and creating a new one?
Solution: Some of the old variables may still be living in memory. Try using the refresh button, or close the tool and open it again, this will ensure that the memory is clean.
2. Some of the features are grayed out when switching to Non-Linear path?
Unfortunately some features are not available on the Non-Linear path, due to using a different algorythm than the Linear one. However, they will be added in the future!
3. My character looks destroyed (flipped hip) after creating a Linear path! Help!
There are many ways of creating rigs, so trying to cover all of the existing rigs is very tricky. The tool has the most common orientation by default, which may not be your rig's standard. To fix this, after creating the path select the Master Control and set the Bank attribute to -90 or 90 (in very few cases you may need to set a different value like 45, -45, 180 or -180). Hopefully this will fix the orientation of your rig!
Pathfinder 2.0 fixed bugs:
- Previously the tool was freezing if Maya prefs was set to meters instead of centimeters when using the Non-Linear path. Now its fixed.
Read the readme.txt that comes with the .zip file.
For tutorials on how to use the different features of Pathfinder, please visit this Vimeo album:

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