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PolySubd Custom Toggle 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

// Custom Script For Toggle PolySubds...

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Last Modified:12/05/2005
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Polygon / Subds Toggle script

I've Modified the script much since its been added to my ui Floating Tools. Havn't had a problem with
it since ive updated last..

Toggles object[s] to and from subdivision surfaces..

Ive added a Option to Put the perspective view in Smooth Shaded mode so the surface of the object
can be seen immediately after conversion..  Once the object has been converted to or from subds
once. The object doesn't have to be selected to be converted back and forth between poly and subds.
This is usefull because the script deselects the object after converting. allowing you to convert back
again immediately without having to reselect. These combination of tweaks are good for Previewing
Subds which were modeled in polygons. I love this script.. Hope you do too.

Modification: Suppose you would like to switch to texture shaded mode or highquality rendering after
conversion to subds. This part of the script is easy to modify..
on line 41 where it says
modelEditor -edit -displayAppearance smoothShaded -activeOnly false modelPanel4;
just enter the following right after or on the next line for High Quality Rendering...
toggleHWRendererModelPanel 1 modelPanel4;

for texture shaded replace the modelEditor line with...
modelEditor -edit -displayAppearance smoothShaded -displayTextures 1 -activeOnly false modelPanel4;

or if you wish to leave the display appearance alone just take of the line with Modeleditor.


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