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Skin Magic 3.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Skin Magic is a Maya script that mainly focus on process mesh skin weight

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Last Modified:11/17/2017
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crashed maya after not work script

Submitted by: iracco iracco
i have a question.
i use for skinmagic3.2.and maya2017.
Crash when exporting during use
After that, it became impossible to inmpert by error
any idea?
# Error: NameError: file D:\Users\auxiliarius\Document\maya\2017\scripts\SkinMagic\ line 364: global name 'exportVtxWeight' is not define

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  • redtank

    redtank said about 3 years ago:

     not sure waht happened, but you can try the latest version which can be downloaded on my site
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    pain sadyu said 7 months ago:

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