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3ds max to nuke export plugin script 2.4.0 for 3dsmax (3dsmax script)

Sending non-exportable scene contents like fur,splines, displaced geometry...etc. from 3ds max to nuke are now able to transfer from 3ds max to nuke and work in a true 3d environment. Acquiring whole rendered 3d scene from the 3d package is only possible when renderer renders all frames. no matter what you use either GPU or render farm you cannot escape from 'waiting'. Here is the solution for static scene with animated camera and where scene require low reflection/refraction raytracing.

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  • 2017
Link: Features: 1. 3ds max to nuke exporter (3dsMax-Nuke Comp Generator) 2. Automated multiple camera projection setup (3ds max to Nuke Camera Exporter) 3. View based camera space texture generation (Scene 3d point cloud Generator) 4. Avoids full view render to texture (Shot Camera view based Composite) 5. Python script generator for nuke composite 6. Render channels for extending composite 7. Alternative to manual camera projection setup 8. Shot and camera view based comp generator 9. Export everything including vray objects as 3d point cloud 10. Export scattered objects like multiscatter, fur.. etc. 11. Save 50-90% of render time 12. Achieve same render result in nuke as in 3s max 13. One click export 14. photogrammetric approach 15. Faster Rendering

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